About us

iSeaglobal Yachting is specialized in Internet services for Yachts, from VSAT to 3G/4G, including installation and support.

VSAT services are provided in Ku, Ka and C bandwidth from our Teleport, one of the largest independent Teleports in the Mediterranean, with no restrictions on signal coverage, available in the most exclusives cruising areas.

iSeaglobal main features:

  • Single coverage
  • Single + backup coverage
  • Multiple coverage combination to cover Med, Car, Atlantic, ME, Global coverage
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Integrated communication services
  • Highly experienced and qualified 24/7 support team


iSeaglobal is technology independent, and has a close relationship with all the major satellite operators. That is why iSeaglobal can provide the best available solution for the customer’s needs. The service is compatible with all antenna brands, from 60 to 240 cm.

Secure Data Connections

One of our priorities is to ensure the customer’s data is protected. iSeaglobal Teleport facility access is controlled, and data connections may be encrypted on request.


iSeaglobal connects any yacht to the Internet in the most exclusives cruising areas, through a pool of telecommunication solutions.



Satellite DSL
VSAT solution connects guests and crew to Internet through real time transmissions and allows media streaming and Internet access.

Contract terms
Today most yachts require high speed, reliable connectivity for the owners, guests and crew use. iSeaglobal can help any customer find the best contract to suit their needs.

  • Flexible monthly subscription
  • Contract term (O.U., 6 months, 1-2-3 years, seasonal)
  • 12 months contract term with seasonal upgrade/downgrade options
  • No start-up fee for service activation
  • Guaranteed core network availability
  • Flat-fee with unlimited data transfer, no FAP
  • Fast service kick off
  • Dedicated and shared bandwidth profiles
  • Tailored service for highly demanding customers
  • Personalized coverage pool

For further enquiries, please contact: sales@iseaglobal.com

International SIM cards and roaming options.

International SIM cards for wireless mobile broadband telecommunications.

Download Brochure 4G iSeaglobal Yachting


Sky prepaid cards for MED Sea at competitive prices

Download Brochure SKY iSeaglobal Yachting

VoIP4Sat service for making telephone calls over the Internet. The combined use of packing and header compression guarantees the highest quality.


Engineering Services
iSeaglobal provides a complete service: requirements analysis, service provisioning, service maintenance, hardware analysis, on site survey, solution engineering, equipment supply and integration, equipment configuration and installation.

Through an automated Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control system, iSeaglobal’s technical staff monitors the service status 24/7 in real time Software Tools.
A highly experienced and qualified 24/7 support team is available to support customer requests. Through a network of international technical partners iSeaglobal can provide on-site support.

Software Tools
iSeaglobal has a pool of remote monitoring proprietary software tools which are at the customer’s disposal to analyse traffic, signal quality and to perform satellites jumps.
Through username and password the owner, captain, IT manager or dealer can access key information on the vessel/fleet, where the Sat JumperTM automatically selects the strongest available satellite signal.


Large Bandwidth Capacity

Thanks to the iSeaglobal global network, telecommunication services can be provided around the globe and iSeaglobal offers multi-satellite coverage in most in-vogue areas. In this way the yacht will never be off the grid, because the patented ABS application automatically switches from one satellite to a back-up one. (Sat JumperTM service)

Customers can select several options:

  • Single area: Single coverage, Single coverage + backup
  • Single region: Combination of coverage for the Med, Car, Atlantic, ME
  • Global band: Global KU and Global C (please visit: http://www.milanoteleport.com/coverages)

Multiple Satellite Coverage in the Mediterranean Sea and Northern Europe
iSeaglobal specially tailored multi-satellite services for mega yachts in the Mediterranean Sea is based on a unique 5-satellite constellation setup.

Multiple Satellite Coverage in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico
iSeaglobal Caribbean VSAT network allows beam redundancy by using T11N located at 35.5° W and SatMex6 located at 113° W.


Milano Teleport Srl a socio unico
Direzione e coordinamento MT Holding S.r.l.
Milan – Italy

Ph. +39 02 89085555

Fax. +39 02 89085050


Milan Teleport is the biggest independent Teleport in Italy.
It was founded in 1997 by private investors and it was the first Italian private satellite company.

  • 25+ satellite network services
  • 24×7 remote support
  • 20 satellite dishes from 1.8 to 7.8 m spread over an area of 5,000 square meters
  • 1 owned teleport and 3 controlled teleports
  • Multiple fibre optic connections to global Internet backbones (6 POP exchanges)
  • Platform integrated with the most advanced satellite technologies
  • Redundant infrastructure (OSI Layers 1-2-3)
  • Controlled access to the Teleport facilities
  • Autonomous system AS 49284